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Our High Definition Fleet

We can transmit multiple paths of HD or SD. Our trucks are equipped with the latest Mpeg 4 encoders & DVB S2 modulators. Each encoder can transmit up to 16 audio channels. Each truck has an on board bit stream analyzers. The Waveform Vector scopes in each truck monitor eye-pattern (to detect cable issues), audio & video levels, detect phase & video errors. Each truck has a fiber & wireless IFB system.

New York & Virginia

Our Virgina HD truck located near Richmond is only 1 hour away from North Carolina & 2 hours from Washington D.C. Our NY HD truck 2 is located close to New York City. No DOT restrictions on either

Our HD Studios

The West Babylon studio hub is a state of the art Live HD studio. West Babylon is centrally located on Long Island. We have Satellite, Microwave & Fiber connectivity. All our remote studios are equipped with IP transmission. All have either a direct connect or turnaround to LTN. Our HD Encoders are very low delay (about a 1 second) transmission to receiver, zero packet loss. Our receivers are located at some of the most prestigious networks including CNN, Fox News Channel, Comcast NBC Sports & WTVR to name a few. All our studios have large monitors that cover the entire backdrop, so your background options are limitless.

Ku Digital Downlinks

Our Headquarters on Long Island can downlink a feed from virtually any domestic satellite & send it out via the LTN/Fiber Network or to the web

Fiber Encoding

Our SNG Vans, loaded with monitoring equipment can encode to VYVX or Fiber and with the added backup of a satellite transmission on hand in case of fiber line failures you will be super redundant. Give us a call!

NYC Satellite Truck

 24/7 BOOKING HOT-LINE 631-753-2500

New York 2.5/6.5 Frequency Coordination Requests

Ku Satellite ID cheat sheet

Ku Network Frequency Specs

Why Choose Us?

Our Motto “Good enough” isn’t Our Guarantee: It will be right or it will be Free

We Always Strive for Perfection. 

These are not options! They are there for your use without an extra charge!
HD transmission, Fiber optic cabling, Portable Generator, Truck Generator, Digital Microwave equipment**, playback deck. If your crews HMI light, microphone, cables etc. are DOA we will lend you one free! We go the extra step to keep you on air. Our Satellite Trucks have been certified by ESPN and Intelsat Our rates are competitive, Our crews experienced, Our equipment up to date. So let us quote your next job even if the job is for today

jofRMOUnRkaHXmryKMfVnDrbpZuGQ04ZjcM2d_Q393EThe Command Center
Truck 3 (The command center) is C-band or Ku-band capable, has a huge work space. Equipped with refrigerator printer microwave oven and a bathroom. 30ft long and requiring only a 90 amp circuit for shore power, Three High Definition encoders, Dolby monitoring, stream monitoring, transmitting embedded or discrete audio up to 16 channels each, dual 400 watt High Power amplifiers. A Miranda 16 channel multi-viewer system with two configurable separate routable displays. Two 42 inch monitors ensures your tech manager or ops producer will be pleased. Also two Directv IRDs for Net return both in high definition.

Disaster Coverage
Disaster: The command Center truck can stay on scene transmitting for up to 85 hours non-stop without external support.

Where We Go
TES (Transportable Earth Station) commonly known as a satellite truck. They have wheels on them so we drive to where we are needed. We have uplinked events up and down the entire eastern United States from Maine to Florida and as far west as Texas. .

Our engineers offer the quality and reliability you only get from experienced personnel.Count on us for your next uplink. Our sat trucks are well maintained and kept impeccably clean.

The small print

*If at anytime we are live for you and a piece of our electronic transmission equipment fails causing you to lose your live shot you will not be charged for that portion of the job. This is a prorated guarantee. If you hired us for just 1 live shot the day is free. In the event we accomplished one successful feed & 1 that failed you will be discounted 50%. This does not cover failures outside the truck (ie someone fires up on the same sat space or microwave channel or a cable failure outside the truck in a public area) ** 3g truck hot spot internet where available. if used You are responsible to replace the generator(s) or HMI light(s) with a new one of the same model if abused, miss-used or stolen, ** Microwave hop for existing clients only, who book our satellite / microwave truck. (Satellite truck 2 New York area only). There is a charge for a 2nd engineer at the transmitter location. 2nd man is required at transmit location by FCC rules. Subject to prior frequency co-ordination, transmitting on channels 1-10 in the 2 & 2.5 GHz band. National FCC license KA86231. Call before relying on above “no extra charge items” All offers subject to change without notice.