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OUR MISSION Our mission is to supply our customers with the best fleet of live trucks. We believe in back up so much that each truck comes equipped with a backup camera and the equipment necessary to get you on the air FAST. Our engineers can establish your satellite or microwave live shot and every engineer has broadcast experience shooting. This makes it possible to get you on the air even if your crew is stuck in traffic.
We appreciate our new customers yet never take for granted our steady customers and we always go that extra step for ALL our customers! We like what we do. We don’t charge extra for anything beyond cell phone costs! Our reputation is on the line every live shot so you won’t be surprised to find the owner on site and operating one of the trucks and he will always call back to say thanks for the work and look for your input on how to better serve you in the future!

OUR HISTORY Started in 1980 Village Video was known as JBL Video. In 1982 JBL changed its name to Village Video Productions. On June 20th 1983 the 2nd of 3 partners was bought out leaving Bob Wolf as the sole owner. The company was a 2 man operation mostly stringing for the NY stations and growing each year. Constantly couriering in tapes to Manhattan was getting to be a bit much for this small company.

In 1989 we successfully petitioned the FCC for a microwave license in the broadcast band. We were the first company in the U.S. that shot our own stories and transmitted them under our own 2 and 7GHz license.
In 1992 we moved to larger quarters in West Babylon. By 1993 we had 2 live microwave trucks and a microwave link from our office and, in 1995, we purchased a Provid Steadicam. By 1997 we were getting requests for live shots from our edit room. On contract with WXTV we supplied them with a studio for their Long Island bureau.

In 1999, with business on the rise we found it necessary to move toward satellite trucks and in 2000 we took delivery of our first DSNG truck.
Contracts with WABC & WNBC forced us to leave the stringer business in the summer of 2002. We decided to stop chasing news as stringers after 22 years rather than risk short changing any of our customers. That same year we took possession of our 4th truck. This truck is a combination digital satellite, digital microwave & digital hop truck. Our customer base has also migrated to include all five networks

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