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This dual stream digital satellite vehicle boasts of 3 antennas. A 1.2-meter antenna for satellite uplinks, an omni-directional microwave antenna and a super parabolic microwave antenna (both a top of a 42ft mast). For those high angle shots the on board “Mast-Cam” can do the trick.

The truck is capable of two streams of digital uplinking and one stream of digital or analog 2GHz microwave. This truck also can receive analog or COFDM digital microwave signal as well as uplink it to the satellite – turning a nearby microwave truck into a 2nd satellite truck and we can hot switch the trucks! Either microwave antenna can be used as transmit or receive with the click of a switch. The receiver is amplified for distant or weak microwave signals.

Trucks Include:
Inside is the quality you need;
You will find a Beta SX deck capable of playing back oxide, SP or SX format tapes.
Also on board is a DVCPro deck for you DVCPro stations. Both are editing decks so you can edit using the Panasonic A850 controller.

For the Talent:
IFB – Hardwired and wireless
Microphone: Wireless, hardwired (Lav & Stick) and lipmic

For the Crews:
Headsets have both IFB & PL at their finger tips. They can talk back to the studio via the telos link.
To make their life a little easier we also carry an Anton Bauer battery charger and a couple of spare bricks & tapes.
For those long runs we carry 1,000 feet of cable (2 video 3 audio).

The truck can hot switch up to 4 cameras. We have 4 frame syncs so there is no need to run black back to the cameras, making those ENG shots easier and quicker to set up. We want you on the air first and fast for those breaking stories.

  • 150 watt Marconi hub mounted HPA
  • Tiernan 3000 encoders
  • Tiernan TDR (irds) 777 & 60
  • Microwave Radio COFDM 2 & 2.5 GHz Transmitter
  • Microwave Radio Coderunner COFDM 2 & 2.5 GHz receiver with Tanberg decoder – all microwave equipment (analog or digital)
  • Sony DNW A28 SX deck, Panasonic 850 DVCPro deck and VHS deck
  • Camera is either Panasonic A700 or 450
  • HMI is a 200 watt frezzi with 110v & 24-30v ballasts
  • Telos link, Comtex wireless IFB with antenna on truck or available at I/O panel for use with spare video cable for high RF interference area
  • Senheiser or Lectronics wireless mic. transmitters
  • 18 inch DSS receiver
  • 7kw Onan generator

Most importantly, an ice chest with soda and water plus a tent to keep the crews/reporters sociable.
As you can see we know ENG Too !!


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