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t3cropoutTruck 3 Information

Our C/KU hybrid satellite truck has 2 powerful hub mounted 400 watt HPAs atop a 2.4 meter antenna. This truck was designed with a spacious workspace & is equipped with many creature comforts not normally found in other uplink trucks. With 3 Adtec HD/SD encoders 3 Adtec HD/SD receivers, we can uplink 3 High Definition signals quickly and reliably. Each encoder has 16 channels of audio available. The video backbone of the truck is all Digital. We carry 1200 Ft. of fiber optic cable to every job. A kohler 20 Kw on board generator supplies ample power. The truck is well heated and air-conditioned.

Inside is the quality you need:
An AJA Ki-pro records your signal in apple pro-res in HD with up tp 8 audio channels, HDMI interior inputs let you connect directly to our router for producer cameras.
For the Talent:
IFB – Hardwired and wireless
2 Wireless IFB transmitters
For the Crews:
Headsets have both IFB & PL at their finger tips. They can talk back to the studio via the telos links.
For those long runs we carry An HD/SD fiber system with 1,200 feet of fiber, in addition to 300 ft of copper

The truck can be outfitted with our Panasonic switcher in a heart beat. We have 3 FS2 dual frame sync cross converters. We want you on the air first and fast for those breaking stories

Satellite Truck 3 Includes:

  • Dual 400 watt Xicom hub mounted HPA
  • 3 selectable Mpeg 2 or 4 HD/SD encoders
  • 3 Adtec RD60s & A Sencore HD receivers
  • Waveform vector with 16 audio and eye pattern
  • 1 HMI 200 watt frezzi with 110v & 14-30v ballasts
  • Telos link, Dual Electrosonic wireless IFB transmitters
  • Directv HD net return
  • 20 kw generator & 2 2kw portable generators
  • Microwave oven, refrigerator with soda and water to help keep the crew and talent sociable.
  • 5 Licensed high power walkie talkies
      • Restroom

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